3 tips for success!

Tip #1

PRogress not perfection:

This doesn’t mean we don’t set the bar high, absolutely we set the bar high.

But we focus on progress, not perfection. On the process, on the now, not the outcome. On the steps along the path.

Tip #2

Your one way meal away from being back on track

We sometimes make poor decisions in our diet. Whether it’s lack of options or work obligations, it happens!

Don’t let one meal throw you off track. Consciously make the decision to eat and then move on.

You are only one meal away from being back on track!

Tip #3

Start small

During transformation challenges, many people make enormous changes and have a really hard time sticking to them.

Why? Because we are a slave to our habits. And if we are going to be a slave to our habits they must be good habits!

Start by making small changes that are easily attainable. This will create momentum and start moving you in right directi