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 We have all walked into the gym at some point and said to ourselves one of the following:

“I’m here. Let’s get this over with.”

“Ew burpees and assault bike?! BLEH.”

*Looks at leaderboard*

“Geez how’d they finish that fast? I’m just not fit.”

…yada yada

The first two statements are easily controllable. Maybe you realize optimism goes a long way and approach the workout with a go-getter mentality. Possibly you’re not feeling it that day and coach lights a fire under you with some Major Payne attitude adjustment-type motivation. Either way it’s an easy fix, right?

The third statement is the biggest slight to ourselves, and typically the hardest to change. There are so many negative connotations in our lives, yet we inflict so much of that negativity upon ourselves. Look in the mirror and you will see your own toughest critic and possibly the biggest obstacle standing in your own path to success.

Google defines success as, “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.” Maybe our goals toward success have become unrealistic because of outside sources (i.e. social media, peers, leaderboard), or because of our own undoing. We then create lofty goals beyond our control and set ourselves up for failure before we even start.

So why do we aim for the stars, then refuse to build the rocket ship we need to get us there?

Identified below are SMART tools that you can apply to your training goals, and offer achievable guidance towards our success.

S - Specific

Instead of saying, “I want to be fitter”, try “I want to add 15 pounds to my Deadlift and run 20 seconds faster than my current mile PR.”

You now have a clear goal and can ask yourself what are the outcomes required to reach those given goals.

M - Measurable

Yes, Crossfit is measurable in time and weight. How about range of motion for hitting full depth on a squat? Maybe the lockout of our arms in an overhead press or pull up? Performing a burpee once every 5 seconds instead of every 10 seconds?

Crossfit is infinitely measurable. Although time and weight are cornerstones to measuring our fitness, subtle changes of how we measure our movement can be applied to seeking more fitness.

A - Attainable

Work, family, get-togethers, beach days, nights-out, this, that…. Life adds up. These are daily priorities that we must be mindful of and ask ourselves what sacrifices are necessary for us to reach our goals. Perhaps you strive for that first muscle up, but the only time you practice is mid-wod during the week and neglect the time invested into skill work necessary to accomplish this task. How well can you perform strict pull ups? How often do you practice the beat swing? Did you make it to gymnastics class Sunday morning? Create a goal that is realistic!

R - Relevant

Earning the ‘Rx’ symbol next to your name is something to be proud of, but it shouldn’t be the lone indicator of success for your workout. Especially if you are moving sloppily through the movements.

Find fluidity even if it takes some form of scaling (weight or movement) to build upon your foundation, then embody those movements with virtuosity. This will pay dividends for your health and fitness abilities tenfold.

T - Time-Specified

Set a deadline for yourself. Prioritize your plan of attack towards your goal and hold yourself accountable. Simple.

Use the SMART tool to build the rocket ship that is ideal for you. Be optimistic in your approach and you will find the results to be encouraging!