Hours and Schedule


Saturday: 9am and 10am

Sunday: 9am Gymnastics
10am Olympic Lifting

Monday: 6,7,9am,12,4,5,6,7pm

Tuesday: 6,7,9am,12,4,5,6,7pm

Wednesday: 6,7,9am,12,4,5,6,7pm

Thursday: 6,7,9am,12,4,5,6,7pm

Friday: 6,7,9am,12,4,5,6pm


Saturday: 8AM

Sunday: None

Monday: 8AM and 6:30pm

Tuesday: 8AM and 6:30pm

Wednesday: 8AM and 6:30pm

Thursday: 8AM and 6:30pm

Friday: 8AM Only


Fill out the contact us section below or message us on Facebook

Must have prior Crossfit Experience

Must arrive at least 5 minutes prior to class in order to fill out waiver and pay for class

Contact Us

Tuesdays at 7pm and Saturdays at 8am we have our free trial class (On-Ramp).  Fill out the contact form below to sign up! If you are unable to attend these free classes, please indicate that in the message section.  Thanks!

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Our Box

1405 N Congress Ave #14                         Delray Beach, FL 33445

Mayra 561-809-2009
Sean 914-391-9956