Class Schedule



Our 1 hour Crossfit classes are the total package of high intensity cardio, strength, and gymnastics training performed in a small group. Our focus is perfecting your form, then adding intensity as needed. Though all movements are scalable/modifiable, special attention is taken during warm-ups and skill work to improve movement limitations and ensure that there is nothing that our clients are unable to do! Our Crossfit classes are appropriate for the beginner, all the way to the Crossfit Games Competitors! When you sign-up for our Crossfit membership iour Bootcamp, Bootcamp Plus, and Specialty Classes are included as well.


Our 45min minute Bootcamp classes are for the client who prefer a more aerobic and muscular endurance focus. These classes get your heart rate up, burn tons of calories, and challenge the body in fun and functional ways. Attention is still taken on form, and ensuring the clients are safe.