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2017 Crossfit Delray Beach Coed Partner Throwdown

The first annual Crossfit Delray Beach Coed Partner Throw-down on
Teams of 2 (male and female). Three WODs, performed on the hour. 

Sunday December 10, 2017

Time: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM


Event 1-Clean With It, Rock With It:
4min to Establish Max Clean (ladies)
(directly into)
4min to Establish Max Clean (male)
***Every Front Squat after a successful clean will add .1lbs. to score.

Event 2-Countdown to Greatness

12min Countdown Clock?AMRAP 3min:
Pull-ups (scaled: Jumping pull-ups)
AMRAP 2min:
T2B (Scaled: knee ups)
AMRAP 1min:
HSPU (Scaled: DB Push Press)
AMRAP in 6min:
Max Wall Balls (20/14lbs.) 
Max Calorie Row

**Score is total number of reps completed in the 12 minutes

Event 3-Some Assemble Required

All athletes will start at the 0m mark with one barbell and 2x25lb. plates and 2x35lb. plates 200m away (scaled: 2x15lbs and 2x25lbs.).
The teams must assemble their bar at the start and complete the following workout:
20 Deadlifts @ 115lbs. (scaled: 75lbs.)
20 Synchro Burpees
20 Deadlift @ 165lbs. (scaled: 125lbs.)
20 Synchro Burpees
***12min Time Cap

Sunday December 10, 2017

Time: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM






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  • First Responders,Teachers,Students,Nurses-$120
  • Spouse Add-On-$100
  • 1 Year Membership-$1500 (save $300)
  • Drop-In-$20 ($30 with CFDRB T-Shirt)
  • 10 Pack Crossfit Classes-$150 (must be used in 6 months)


  • Monthly Unlimited Membership-$79
  • Pay-by-Class-$10


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Sean LeFloch, CF L1

Sean has been coaching sports for over 13 years, and has specialized in Crossfit for the last 7 years.  He has coached athletes at the Crossfit Games, Master's Pan American Championships, USAW Nationals, USAW American Open, and is the Head Boy's Lacrosse Coach at Atlantic High School.  Sean played NCAA Division 1 Lacrosse at Stony Brook University, was a champion triathlete, and was a two-time Crossfit Games Regionals competitor. Sean specializes in program design, movement correction, and olympic lifting technique.    

Fun Fact: Sean once walked from Jacksonville to Miami in 17 days!
Nickname: LeFloch of Seagulls

Mayra Brandt, CF L1

Mayra started Crossfit 5 years ago after having her second of two children.  She came in looking for a lifelong fitness plan and, overtime, found the competitive side of fitness.  Mayra is one of the top ranked Crossfit athletes in the world age 35-39 and won the Wodapalalooza Fitness Festival (2016).  She also competed in the Crossfit Regionals in 2016.  Mayra has coached cheer for over a decade and is a professor when it comes to teaching gymnastics!  Want your first muscle up?  Mayra's your coach! 

Fun Fact: She drives a hot-mama-minivan...and she's proud of it!

Nickname: The Natural

Chris Boettcher, Cf L1

Chris has been Crossfitting for 5 years and comes from a background in football, snow boarding, and baseball . Chris shows finesse with all Crossfit movements, especially those involving the barbell, as he has snatched 70lbs. over bodyweight!  Chris is a champion weightlifter, Crossfit competitor, and has over 3 years of coaching experience.  Chris lives by the mantra: love your life or change it.   

Fun Fact: Chris loves any and all types of pasta.

Nickname: Flippy McBackyflip



Brianna Harper

Brianna is a mother of two beautiful children and has years of experience coaching bootcamps throughout South Florida.  Her kind, compassionate demeanor mixed with her knowledge and passion for fitness makes her an ideal coach for those athletes starting their fitness journey.  For those moms out there who are looking to come back fitter and stronger than ever before, Brianna has the experiential knowledge to guide you on your path! 

Nickname: Breezy
Fun Fact: Was a competitive cheerleader

Scott Brown

Scott is the head of our run club at Crossfit Delray Beach.  He has been a member at Crossfit Delray Beach for over 6 years and is an avid runner who has completed multiple marathons and endurance races.  Crossfit has aided in Scott's endurance racing career allowing him to run longer and faster without breaking down.  Whether you love or hate running, Scott and the CFDRB Run Club are perfect for any skill level!  

Nickname: Downtown Scotty Brown

Fun Fact: Scott is a die hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan